Photo Album: Crobot & Anthrax

This past Sunday was an odd one, it was the last day of May and the temperature was telling us it was early March at a cool 55 degrees or so with a slight misting going on. That kind of weather didn’t keep the music lovers away from the outdoor show at Pop’s Nightclub in Sauget, IL. . just east of Saint Louis for those not from here. The show was Anthrax and Volbeat as co-headliners (or at least their sets seemed like it would have been) and Crobot opening up. We arrived shortly after 5, the doors were at 6 and show started at 7, but we had won some meet and greet passes with what was supposed to be with Anthrax and Crobot, though only Anthrax was able to make it as Crobot was making their way to the stage getting prepared to put the entire audience in awe! Meeting Anthrax was awesome, kind of a dream come true, especially for my girlfriend whom you will see in the last photo of the album. When the greet was done we headed out to the stage and trudged through the crowd for a decent spot.

I was unfamiliar with Crobot upon the announcement of the show, however that didn’t stop me from buying their newest album Something Supernatural before the show in hopes to get it signed (didn’t know we would miss out on meeting them till later) doesn’t matter, it fucking slays! If you haven’t seen Crobot before, or heard them for that matter they are kind of a mix of Zeppelin, The Sword and Mastodon. . I guess that seems right, they are a Bluesy Metal/Rock band. . very psychedelic. Regardless, if you haven’t seen them live then you are doing yourself a disservice, they put on a great fucking show! So full of energy and just pure emotion put into their performance, you can tell every night is something completely special for those in attendance. Needless to say after the show was over I definitely bought their vinyl and had them sign it!

Anthrax was next, and what more do I have to say other than it was a “Madhouse”. . they played a lot of great songs covering their entire discography including songs like “Indians,” “Caught in a Mosh,” “Madhouse,” “In the End”. . and sooooooo many more. Anyone who has seen Anthrax live before knows that they throw down and take the name of everyones ass they beat in the process. While Crobot might have taken people by storm and won the crowd over with their energy, it was Anthrax that carried the show to the next level getting the crowd to sing along and mosh (even though the sign clearly said No Moshing or Crowd Surfing) like that was gonna stop anyone!

Finally was Volbeat, while I didn’t get to photograph them (so don’t look for the pictures) I got to watch and enjoy their set for the first time in the 3 times I have seen them live. The four piece from Denmark really knows how to put on a show, their music while heavy is easily accessible to many people across the genres. I mean Rockabilly Metal, Johnny Cash meets Metallica, there is something for everyone young and old! They seemed to play a LOT of the fan favorites and even some rare gems that weren’t expected. Their set was the best I have seen them do for sure and the crowd agreed! About half way through the set when asked to crowd surf, Saint Louis responded with a sea of floating bodies. For the very last song they even brought a fan up on stage to rock out with the band, as she was hoping for a song the whole set and though they didn’t play it they gave her an experience she will not soon forget!

I was able to get photos of Crobot and Anthrax and I am super happy with them so please check em out below, share them with friends and comment away! We love getting feedback from you guys and I really think you will enjoy these so without further ado. . Crank up your radio and flip through these pics. If you see any you like we will be selling Metal Prints here with a store coming soon for sizes and what not so keep us in mind when you see a photo that you might want printed out for yourself and we will get that done for you!



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