Photo Album: Halestorm @ The Pageant (STL, Mo 5/20/15)

Remember how we had that contest a few weeks back to win tickets to the SOLD OUT Halestorm show at The Pageant?? Well the show has come and gone and we would like to thank everyone that participated in our little contest and once again Congratulate winners Kenny Edgar and Jamie Finder!! If you saw the same show we did, then we know you had an amazing time! Lzzy really knows how to control a crowd and get them going throughout the whole set, especially with a song as emotional for some as “Dear Daughter”. Well for those of you that weren’t lucky enough to score a ticket you are in luck, below are some of the finest moments captured from the show by our very own, Nick Licata. Now, he was unfortunate enough to miss the first two acts so sorry you won’t see those pictures but you could always revert to our previous Pretty Reckless photo album from their show this past October. There isn’t much to say other than if you haven’t caught a Halestorm show you don’t know what you are missing out on, so do yourselves a favor and if you see they are coming close to your town make the drive and check em out!





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