Album Review: Pyramids on Mars – Pyramids on Mars (2014)

CD cover

Kevin Estrella: All Guitars, bass, keyboards, drum programming, sound effects
All music produced by Kevin Estrella
All Music written and arranged by Kevin Estrella
Mastered by Craig Estrella

When Kevin Estrella wants to do something he does it right, LARGE. Recently he sent us a copy of his latest album for his project Pyramids on Mars which goes by the same name. Instantly the name of the group had me thinking of Doctor Who (episode of the same name). . . I know, I know what a nerd right? Don’t care, I’m a fanboy of the show just as much as I am a fanboy of good quality music, and that is exactly what this album is! Think along the lines of Joe Satriani with a hint of NIN, a dash of David Gilmour and a pinch of Meshuggah. Sure there are other elements that come out from time to time, but what comes out of the 226401_550764928278300_648540450_nspeakers is otherworldly.

Did I mention that he writes the parts for every instrument himself? Not only that he arranges and produces it all too, no middle man just him and his thoughts blasting through your stereo. This instrumental album is a great one to relax to on a nice rainy day or as good background music to your favorite video games and/or movies. There are moments where the quality is a bit muddy, don’t know whether that is intentional or accidental. While it isn’t exactly distracting it is noticeable, which for an audiophile like myself turns me away from it for a second, but then he does something from left field that is unexpected and you tend to forget about it. Being completely new to his sound, I never know what to expect next one minute you are rocking out and the next you are in a boss battle while playing Contra and you are kicking some ass!!

Overall Pyramids on Mars is a great album, check out songs like ‘Starjumper,‘ ‘Darth Chaosic, ‘ and ‘Saturn on the Horizon I & II‘ and you will be hooked for sure. You are sure to get lost in a world far, far away and when you get there, Stop by and say hello to Kevin he will be glad you made the journey!!


RIYL: Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, David Gilmour, Rammstein

Rating: 4/5

Track Listing:

CD inlay-2



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