Review From Across the Pond: Trioscapes – Digital Dream Sequence

Artist: Trioscapes
Album/EP Name: Digital Dream Sequence
Release Date: 19-Aug-2014


Jazz and Metal have always had coherent relationship: many metal bands are heavily influenced by Jazz especially those in the Progressive scene. Jazz’s unusual harmonies, irregular and syncopated time signatures are just some of the musical textures adapted by modern metal bands. Bands such as Between the Buried and Me, Dream Theater and Opeth are just some of the many bands that have successfully incorporated Jazz elements into their music.

Trioscapes is the brainchild of Dan Briggs (Between the Buried and Me), Walter Fancourt (Brand New) and Matt Lynch (Eyris). Formed in 2011, the band quickly put out their debut Separate Realities which was released in May 2012. Describing the band’s sound is a somewhat difficult task: there are so many different elements brought by each player which results in a very polyphonic, richly textured sound. They have described themselves as Jazz and Progressive Rock.

Digital Dream Sequence is the band’s second outing and it shows a refinement of the sound showcased on their debut. The songs are more structured and the flow of each song is flawless: allowing each idea to express itself fully without sounding jarring and misplaced. You can hear each members influence within their sound: some parts wouldn’t sound out of place in metal, there are very melodic poppy elements and there is not one genre left untouched by this album. It’s refreshing to have a band that can write incredibly long songs and not have the feeling of being dragged through it as opposed to strolling through it … admiring all the melodies and rhythms presented in each section.

Trioscapes have managed to put together an album that serves as a palette of rich, lush sounds which the listener can gorge upon. The album is long yet not exhausting and is filling yet without sounding jarring. A rare thing especially for an instrumental band where relying on repetition can be a crutch to lean on. Not this band however.


Genres: Jazz, Progressive rock, Jazz
Label: Metal Blade
Sounds Like (other bands): Between the Buried and Me, TRAM
One Liner Summary: A Lush mix of Genres

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