Noctem to release their third studio album through Prosthetic Records

Scheduled for release next week in the U.S. and Australia, “Exilium,” the third album from Iberian blackened extreme metallists NOCTEM, is “a must-have for any fan of the genre” (Metal-Temple)! Produced by Anathema’s Daniel Cardoso (Angelus Apatrida, Ava Inferi), “Exilium” features 12 addictive songs including two previously unreleased bonus tracks!
Today, the bonus track “Divine Xib’alb’a” makes its world premiere. Check it out now by heading over to — who calls the song “a short slashing assault of ripping riffs, militaristic percussion, and utterly bestial growls, and the kind of high-speed conflagration that burns through much of the album as a whole” — or watch it below! Pre-order bundles at the PROSTHETIC webshop here:
NOCTEM has also confirmed a series of European tour dates with Taake and Valkyrja. Dates are as follows:
16.10.2014 POL Łódź Luka
17.10.2014 POL Poznan Pod Minogą
18.10.2014 HOL Rotterdam Baroeg
19.10.2014 HOL Drachten Iduna
20.10.2014 GER Oberhausen Helvete
21.10.2014 POL Wrocław Firlej
22.10.2014 CZ Ostrava Barrak Music Club
23.10.2014 GER Jena F-Haus
24.10.2014 CZ Pilsen Phantoms of Pilsen Fest
25.10.2014 POL Katowice Mega Club
26.10.2014 POL Warszawa Progresja
Hailed as NOCTEM‘s best effort to date, “Exilium” has been praised for “merging the relentless brutality of bands like Behemoth and Belphegor and the melodies and atmosphere of bands like Dimmu Borgir and Septicflesh” (Dead Rhetoric).
Track Listing
1. Enuma Elish
2. Apsu Dethroned
3. Decrepit Human Kingdom
4. Tiamat’s Crown (lyric video)
5. The Rising Horns
6. Halo of Repugnance
7. Egregor
8. The Splint of Destinations
10. The Adamantine Doors
11. Divine Xib’alb’a * (stream)
12. The Adamantine Doors (Orchestral Version) *
* Bonus Tracks
Having released their debut LP in 2008 on Australia’s Noisehead Records, which featured Christos Antonious (Septicflesh) and Leal (ex-Forever Slave), NOCTEM immediately rose to acclaim. Their next album, “Oblivion” was recoreded with Daniel Cardosa and received near-perfect rationgs from local and international press while being released via Rising Records (EU) and Metal Blade (N. America). The band has toured nationally supporting acts including Hate, Incantation, Samael, Melechesh, Keep of Kalessin, Marduk, and Immolation to name a few. Their next plan of attack is to conquer audiences in North America in 2015!

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