Concert Review – Deftones/Scars On Broadway at The Blue Note in Columbia, MO (10/21/12)

Deftones & Scars On Broadway

October 21, 2012

The Blue Note in Columbia, MO

When I first heard about the Deftones / Scars on Broadway I had mixed feelings but still very excited. System of a Down is probably my favorite band of the last decade because they’re the band that got me into heavier music. The fact that they skipped St. Louis bummed me out, and not being able to make the trip to Chicago to see the Deftones & System of a Down tourdid as well. However, when they announced the dates for the tour with SoB and chose to come through the Blue Note Club in Columbia, Missouri I was convinced. I hadn’t seen Deftones since 2005 and had only seen System of a Down once at Ozzfest from 100 yards away on the lawn at Riverport, so seeing a part of them was the deciding factor.

Upon arriving in CoMO after a 2 hour drive, we met up with some friends at The Fieldhouse in downtown to catch up and kill some time with a few pitchers of Killians. We walked to the venue shortly after doors opened because there was no opening band and we obviously didn’t want to miss Scars on Broadway. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Columbia, it’s a bustling college town 2/3 of the year. The Blue Note Club can be compared to The Pageant, but about 1/4 the size with a lower stage as well. As soon as I heard the tour was hitting The Blue Note I knew I had to be at such an intimate venue to see both bands in their ideal setting rather than a arena full of reverb. The refreshing, ambitious atmosphere of Columbia also pulled me in.

The show started around 7:45 with Daron and SoB hitting the stage to an instrumental jam. It was a delightfully heavy intro that led into the first song World Long Gone, one of the band’s heaviest songs on their self-titled album. The set was a mix between this album as well as a number of new songs that sounded more experimental yet still heavy in nature, such as the song Dictator.


World Long Gone

Sickening Wars





Cute Machines

Guns Are Loaded

They Say

Fuck n Kill


Stoner Hate

All in all it was a great variation of upbeat songs with wonderful mellow songs in between. However, as my friends and I kept saying, it was such a tease to see Daron without the rest of System of a Down. Unfortunately John Dalmayan isn’t playing drums on this tour and that was a bit of a letdown. Nonetheless, he had a great presence on stage and the chemistry between him and his bandmates definitely helped energize their set. The crowd didn’t move around too much, but most seemed like they were enjoying themselves while saving their energy for the main attraction.

After a brief set change and a step outside for some fresh air, we procured a spot further back in the crowd near the soundboard to enjoy the environment and the ideal mix of the music and the roar of the crowd around us. Upon entering the stage Chino, Carpenter, and the gang wasted no time blasting into the title track of their last album, sending the Columbia patrons into a frenzy. The show had was one of the loudest crowds I’ve ever heard, and I’ve been to a hell of a lot of show. There were many times that the crowd was louder than the music and during the choruses I couldn’t tell if I was hearing Chino or the devoted following that packed The Blue Note to the brim.

Diamond Eyes

Rocket Skates

You’ve Seen the Butcher

Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)

My Own Summer (Shove It)




Digital Bath

Knife Party



Engine No. 9


Change (In the House of Flies)


Bloody Cape




7 Words

Truly an unbelievable set, especially after not seeing them since 2005. From fan favorites to brand new tracks – even Rosemary, from the limited edition cassette tape they gave to the first 50 fans to pre-order the album at each stop on the tour. They often played songs off each album in succession. The only thing that stuck out to me was that they played only one song off of their Self-titled and Saturday Night Wrist albums. Nevertheless, I was beyond satisfied to complain about it.

All in all, I left The Blue Note wondering why I hadn’t gone to see them since they come through Saint Louis at least once a year it seems like. The Deftones draw a unique variety of passionate fans through the different genres they’ve explored during their tenure, and the fans who have been there through it all stand out. If you get a chance to see this tour, I urge you to make the effort to do so. You won’t regret it. Deftones reach a whole new level when performing live in front of their passionate following.


-Steve K

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