Death Metal Deathmatch: Gorod vs. Meshuggah

Ok so the last one seemed to flop, but that may be because I didn’t actually have the poll in there until like a week or two after I posted it, so for round two I am going to amp it up a bit. Next week is a very exciting week for metal as Meshuggah’s new album Koloss is set to come out, seeing as they would be the ones to beat I am going to pair them up with a band that I personally think will give them a run for the money. That band is France’s Gorod!! They too have a new album “A Perfect Absolution” while this album was released on march 12th for European markets it will see a US release April 18th, and I promise you my friends they will not disappoint!! Now go ahead and listen to both songs and vote for which you liked most!

Gorod – Elements and Spirit:

Meshuggah – Marrow

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