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Album Review: Sick Of It All – The Last Act Of Defiance

Press_Cover_03Being in a Hardcore band it has to be hard to re-imagine your sound especially after close to 30 years. . there is no reinventing Hardcore music. Sick of It All however, while not reinventing the genre, has remained consistent in their brooding sound from album to  album. Coming from the New York Hardcore scene out of Queen’s, NY the band has been working with relatively the same lineup since its inception in 1986. Thats pretty impressive this day in age especially when you consider some of the bands they grew up playing with aren’t doing much these days (Original or revamped lineup). The Koeller brothers Lou (Vox) and Pete (Guitar, backing vox) are still going strong as the founding members of the group accompanied by Craig Setari on Bass, backing vox and Armand Majidi on the Drums.

The band has recruited Producer Tue Masden (Heaven Shall Burn, The Haunted) to work on the album with them. The great thing about Tue is that he doesn’t let you hold back, he brings out the hate in you! Upon first listen you can tell that they have picked up right where they left off with 2011’s ‘Non-Stop’.  Moving at full force kicking off the album with “Sound The Alarm” Lou and crew seem to be full of rage, as this  14 track album lasts no longer than 31 minutes! I love when bands use a bassist predominantly in their songs and such is the case, Craig has some pretty strong parts through out the album including the intro to one of my personal favorites, “Losing War”.


I have never been a huge Hardcore fan, just in the fact that from band to band. . sure you have different vocalists with different backgrounds and vocal styles, but sooner or later it all starts to blend together. Sick of It All have realized this, and well  this album mostly sounds like any of their previous albums, but they have found an equation that works for them and in this album its no different. One thing I have enjoyed while listening is the gang chants and occasionally they delve into a full on punk song. Check out the song Beltway Gateway when you get this album. This one stuck out to me and well aside from a few random songs through out kept me wanting to hear more. And thats what Sick of It All has done that most other bands in the genre have failed to do, they change it up just enough to keep your interest. If they hadn’t done so this album would be set aside and forgotten, however and just in listening to closing track ‘DNC’ that’s full of gang changs, I can tell that this band is not going to give up and am excited to see what they might have in store for us in the future.

Some personal favorites of the album include ‘Facing the Abyss’, ‘Losing War’, ‘DNC’, ‘Road Less Travelled’ and opening track ‘Sound The Alarm’. Its great the album starts out as this brooding force of anger and hate, then you get to the end and its like the war is over and all you and your friends are singing along to ‘DNC’, a song that is sure to be a great one live (picturing them pulling fans up on stage to sing this with them).



RIYL – Agnostic Front, Cro-Mags, Terror

Two seminal albums by Corrosion of Conformity (C.O.C.) to be re-issued on Vinyl

Two seminal albums by metal pioneers Corrosion of Conformity (C.O.C.) — the 1991 landmark “Blind” and its acclaimed 1994 follow-up “Deliverance” — will be reissued on vinyl by Prosthetic Records this fall. While an exact release date has not yet been confirmed, both titles — limited to 1,000 copies each — are currently available for pre-order in the Prosthetic webshop. New editions of vintage merch designs from the era are now available as well. Reserve yours now at
Freshly inducted into Decibel Magazine’s Hall of Fame, “Blind” — originally released on Relativity Records — signified an important transition for C.O.C., as the group began to move away from their crossover past toward a more streamlined, metallic thrash sound. Hailed by All Music Guide as “one of the most important heavy rock albums of the decade,” the album saw the addition of guitarist Pepper Keenan and yielded two notable singles: “Dance of the Dead” and “Vote With A Bullet.”
Previously unreleased on vinyl in North America, “Blind” will be reissued as a gatefold double-LP available in three different 180-gram colors: purple (approx. 700 copies), black (approx. 200 copies) and clear (approx. 100 colors). A color lyric insert and liner notes by music journalist Chris Dick will also be included, as will three bonus tracks from the 1995 Columbia Records re-release of the album.
“Blind” (2014 Double LP edition):
1. These Shrouded Temples…
2. Damned For All Time
3. Dance of the Dead
4. Buried
5. Break The Circle
6. Painted Smiling Face
7. Mine Are The Eyes of God
8. Shallow Ground
9. Vote With A Bullet
10. Great Purification
11. White Noise
12. Echoes In The Well
13. …Remain
14. Condition A/Condition B *
15. Future Now (MC5 cover) *
16. Jim Beam and the Coon Ass *
* first time ever appearing on vinyl
Currently celebrating its 20th anniversary, the sludge/stoner metal linchpin “Deliverance” — the first C.O.C. album to feature Keenan on lead vocals exclusively — was the group’s first record to crack the Billboard Top 200, and it remains their best-selling title to this day. Praised by Kerrang! as a “true ’90s classic,” the 14-track album (originally released by Columbia) includes “Albatross” and “Clean My Wounds,” both of which cracked the Top 20 at U.S. rock radio.
After being out of print for nearly two decades, “Deliverance” will once again be available on vinyl with a new-and-improved gatefold jacket in three different 180-gram colors: green (approx. 700 copies), black (approx. 200 copies) and red (approx. 100 copies).
“Deliverance” (2014 LP edition):
1. Heaven’s Not Overflowing
2. Albatross
3. Clean My Wounds
4. Without Wings
5. Broken Man
6. Senor Limpio
7. Mano de Mono
8. Seven Days
9. #2121313
10. My Grain
11. Deliverance
12. Shake Like You
13. Shelter
14. Pearls Before Swine
The label that introduced the world to Lamb of God and Animals As Leaders, the Los Angeles-based Prosthetic Records currently boasts a roster that includes such notable acts as Skeletonwitch, Marty Friedman and Scale The Summit.

Ticket Giveaway: Limp Bizkit @ The Pageant September 30, 2014

VisoneParisLB_MG_1116LargeYou read it correctly, Limp Bizkit is returning to St. Louis for a night of Insanity!! And we want to help you guys get in, we have a couple of pair of tickets to give away for this one! All you have to do is answer the question correctly and we will put names in a hat and draw our two winners! The question for this giveaway is: When(year) and Where(venue) was Limp Bizkit’s first St. Louis performance?

The contest will run until 9/26 so be sure to tell all your friends!!

Bonus question: Who did they open for?

Review From Across The Pond: Verse Vica – Endeavour

Artist: Verse Vica
Album/EP Name: Endeavour
Release Date: 6-Oct-2014


Today’s metal music scene is full of amazing potential. Home studio recording has allowed previously unknown musicians get their voice heard thanks to this and the Internet. Progressive musical especially has benefitted hugely from this with the inception of bands like Periphery and TesseracT who are now touring the world thanks to the initial dedication of recording at their homes.

Like any scene, there is always a risk of over-saturation: There is only so much a bandwagon can take before it crumbles beneath the weight of wannabes and copycats. Verse Vica is a 4-piece progressive band from North Carolina. They cite influences such as Animals As Leaders, The Controtionist and Between the Buried and Me which can be clearly heard in their debut full-length Endeavor. They currently don’t have a drummer (if you are one and are reading this, help the guys out!) so they employed the use of Toontrack’s Superior Drummer which is nothing to be sniffed at all … yes, metal ‘elitists’, I am looking at you! Endeavor’s 8 tracks touch upon sounds and textures that aren’t unfamiliar to the metal community (especially the progressive elements) but the band sounds like they have made a conscious effort to hone in certain aspects of each sound.

For example, songs such as Airyth, Verdugo and Marumari have very strong post-rock tendencies and the band have created some really beautiful melodies in these sections. Despite some of the progressive sections in songs like Djinn and Cities I: Cerulean sounding very much like something Between the Buried and me or The Contortionist would write, the band does add a slight flair to them which does help them stand out.

The skill and precision of the band is second to none. The guitars are tight and have a variety of tools in their belt to bring about interesting riffs and concepts. The bassist even has a dab hand at whipping out the odd tapping section every now and then which makes a nice change from a bassist who just follows what the guitarists do note for note.

The vocals I am sadly split on. I really enjoy the singing as they are very full and powerful in comparison to many whiny singers of some modern metal bands. The screams are a mixed bag: sometimes they work in a section and sometimes they don’t unfortunately.

Verse Vica certainly knows what they are doing instrumentally and, in some instances, vocally. Hopefully the band can expand the ideas they have now and some of the flow and choice of vocal passages can better suit the compositions in the future


Genres: Progressive Metal, Post -Rock
Record Label: Independent
Sounds Like (other bands): Between the Buried and Me, The Contortionist, Explosions in the Sky

One Liner Summary: Between The Contortionist and Me

Review From Across the Pond: In Search of the Sun – The World Is Yours

Artist: In Search of the Sun
Album/EP Name: The World is yours
Release Date: 01-Sept-2014


Alternative Metal has really had its heyday. The early 00s was a breeding ground for every Breaking Benjamin, Three days Grace and Disturbed copies and many have seen the genre as running out of fuel. In search of the Sun brings back the massive choruses and bouncing, head-banging riffs that made Alternative metal so popular all those years ago. The band initially started out as a groove-orientated metalcore band. Since then they have evolved drastically over time to a more alternative-influenced sound.

With one EP under their belt, The World is yours marks a progression in their development in both sound and songwriting. There is such a textured palette of tones and sounds that the band has taken from and it makes the album very enjoyable. Production-wise, the al bum does sound unusually thin. All the tones are good and mixed well but it just feels very thin in terms of stereo listening. That does not diminish the performances however; raw, powerful and varied and that’s just the vocals.

In search of the Sun has put out a very convincing debut record: they retain the key alternative metal formula whilst developing it in their own way. Hopefully the band expand upon the production and structure in the next record so it gives the music the voice it deserves.


Genres: Alternative Metal

Record Label: Self-released

Sounds Like (other bands): Disturbed, Shinedown, Breaking Benjamin

One Liner Summary: Alt Metal revival!


Review From Across the Pond: Trioscapes – Digital Dream Sequence

Artist: Trioscapes
Album/EP Name: Digital Dream Sequence
Release Date: 19-Aug-2014


Jazz and Metal have always had coherent relationship: many metal bands are heavily influenced by Jazz especially those in the Progressive scene. Jazz’s unusual harmonies, irregular and syncopated time signatures are just some of the musical textures adapted by modern metal bands. Bands such as Between the Buried and Me, Dream Theater and Opeth are just some of the many bands that have successfully incorporated Jazz elements into their music.

Trioscapes is the brainchild of Dan Briggs (Between the Buried and Me), Walter Fancourt (Brand New) and Matt Lynch (Eyris). Formed in 2011, the band quickly put out their debut Separate Realities which was released in May 2012. Describing the band’s sound is a somewhat difficult task: there are so many different elements brought by each player which results in a very polyphonic, richly textured sound. They have described themselves as Jazz and Progressive Rock.

Digital Dream Sequence is the band’s second outing and it shows a refinement of the sound showcased on their debut. The songs are more structured and the flow of each song is flawless: allowing each idea to express itself fully without sounding jarring and misplaced. You can hear each members influence within their sound: some parts wouldn’t sound out of place in metal, there are very melodic poppy elements and there is not one genre left untouched by this album. It’s refreshing to have a band that can write incredibly long songs and not have the feeling of being dragged through it as opposed to strolling through it … admiring all the melodies and rhythms presented in each section.

Trioscapes have managed to put together an album that serves as a palette of rich, lush sounds which the listener can gorge upon. The album is long yet not exhausting and is filling yet without sounding jarring. A rare thing especially for an instrumental band where relying on repetition can be a crutch to lean on. Not this band however.


Genres: Jazz, Progressive rock, Jazz
Label: Metal Blade
Sounds Like (other bands): Between the Buried and Me, TRAM
One Liner Summary: A Lush mix of Genres


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